There are more customers for your business, a lot more. But, you need to reach them with social media and search engines. About 50% of people will use their mobile device to search for businesses. Here are ways that you can reach those potential new customers and generate more sales by developing a loyal relationship with your current customers.

Get More Customers

When you provide a good service or product then customers will seek you out. Unfortunately, it is a big busy city, so you are going to need some help reaching them, so that you can let them know you’re here. The most cost effective way to do that is by using the Internet.

You’ve probably noticed that people in all age groups throughout the Bay Area have their noses in their mobile devices. They are reading news, using Twitter and Facebook, searching for information and shopping. If you want them to see your business then you need to be where they are looking – the Internet.

Cost Effective Marketing Plan

The least expensive plan happens to be the most effective plan. Probably most of your customers are using social media. By using the right marketing words on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ your target market will find you. If you are friendly on social media and answer their customer service questions then you’re on the path to fast growth.

But, it isn’t enough to just start Twitter and Facebook accounts. There are specific ways these tools need to be used. Plus, you need a place to send them – your website. Your website needs to be not only attractive, but written with the proper advertising format to close the deal. Your webpages need to be optimized for the search engines, so they work for you by attracting customers in the Internet.

So, there are more customers out there to attract to your business. With a little help from Mike at JOHO Marketing, you’ll be quickly increasing your bottom line, too. Give us a call today.