There is a big difference between an entrepreneur and a business owner. While both will own a business, there are quantum leaps of difference in personality and in driving force. So, take it quiz to find out which you are.

Entrepreneur Business Owner Quiz

Here are some questions that will give you an idea if you are a Business Owner or if you are an Entrepreneur. Each personality has its own needs and approach to business. By knowing which you are then you can stop trying to push yourself into the wrong mold.

1. Do You Enjoy a Good Gamble?


Yeah, bring it on, but wait until I’m done with this cliff dive.


No, I prefer something that I can build up and then hand down to my daughter to run when I retire.


Sometimes, what do you have going on?

2. How Many Businesses Did You Start Before This One?


This is my first. I inherited it from my father.


I’m not sure, I think it is the seventh. Are we counting the ones I started as a kid?


I don’t have one yet, I’m waiting for SBA loan approval.

3. How Many Pages Long was Your Marketing Study before Starting Your Business


It was a doozy, about 150 pages due to all the research we did.


Why would I waste any cash on that? I could have invested that in the company.

Quiz Answers

Entrepreneurs will typically answer:

  • 1: A or C.
  • 2: B
  • 3: B

If you answered any other way then you’re a Small Business owner. You like stability. You research long and hard before putting any money behind anything to ensure its proper success. You want one business and have it last well after you are gone.

Entrepreneurs are addicted to risk and have no intention of being tied down to one business forever. They tend to start them, get them going like a wild fire and sell them at their peak. They don’t have time for market research and don’t want to waste money on studies. They operate with marketing talent and gut instincts.