Inarguably, Facebook is a social media platform with an attractive return on investment. In simple terms, investing in your Facebook is completely worth it.

So how do you make your Facebook page a popular place for your customers?

Create a Facebook Business Page

Creating a business page on Facebook allows person-to-person interaction with customers. Your customers feel the presence of the brand, and they can ask anything regarding the products. Be sure to engage frequently with the visitors to your Facebook page.

Be Active and Share Content

Putting up regular posts is the easiest way to maintain a brand presence. Most people are now using Facebook to learn more about a particular company. It’s now a stand-alone search engine and regular posts and engagement create a good impression on the visitors.

If sharing your company blogs is a difficult task, you can always use the various tools available to automate the process. For example, there are simple WordPress plugins that post your blog posts automatically to the Facebook page.

Ask your associates, employees, family, friends and your customers to share the blogs on their personal Facebook profiles to increase visibility.

Use Facebook Groups

There are numerous Facebook groups dedicated to particular industries or interests. Join the relevant groups, where your customers frequent, and be active to enhance visibility. Avoid coming out as salesy in your discussions, or else, you’ll turn off possible clients.

You can create your own Facebook group to start discussions, post publications and add members. If your Facebook page becomes popular, you become a sort of industry leader, and that is good for your brand.

Creating Event Pages

It’s a great idea to create an event page if you are speaking somewhere or hosting a webinar. Typically, the event page is a great avenue for customer feedback and engagement. The visitors to your Facebook page are also able to tell what you have been up to as a brand, and it helps them make decisions.

Joho Marketing has experts in social media marketing and they will help make your Facebook page a popular place with your customers. Contact us today!