At Joho Marketing, we’re always happy to help you find new local business advertising tips that will drive new customers and repeat customers to your door. Today we have some tips that you can do yourself easily and they won’t cost you anything.

Local Business Advertising Tips

These tips can be a little intimidating if you’re not used to working on the Internet. But they are relatively simple to do. The best part is that they make a huge difference in the traffic to your business. Over 90% of people check the Internet to find a local business. Make sure you come up in that search.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a program that Google offers to small businesses for free! Of course, they’d like you to pay for advertising, but it isn’t necessary. Google My Business is very important all by itself. Sign up and fill out the form for today and they will promote you for free.

Facebook Groups

Aside from having a Facebook Page for your company, you should actively use any local Facebook Groups that allow you to advertise. Find a group in Sunnyvale or wherever your customers reside. It is best if you start a group yourself, so you can run any ads you want and encourage your customers to join it. New potential customers will find your group and join it. is the leader in customer reviews. Your business is probably already on Yelp, so you should make sure all your information is correct. Read reviews your customers have left there and respond in a friendly manner. If you see a negative review, politely apologize and offer a solution – it speaks volumes about your customer service to others who read that.

Marketing Made Easy

If you need help getting some exposure for your local Silicon Valley business, Michael at JOHO Marketing is here to help. Just give him a call. He’ll help you harness the Internet and make it work for you with a high return.