Is using a local web design company the best way to go or will your company get a better deal by outsourcing to a company outside of the Bay Area? The answer is mixed. It depends on what you want to get out of your new website.

Local Web Design

Sure, using a company that specializes in local web design is ideal. You do need to make sure they are actually located in the Bay Area, however. Some companies are outside the local area, and sometimes outside of the country, and specializing in local business for the moment.

By using local companies you are supporting the economy in the Bay Area. There are more benefits than that, however. A local company understands the customers that live in the San Francisco, San Jose areas. The demographics are known. For instance, you wouldn’t want 100% blond, blue-eyed people in the photos on your website, because that is not what your local population looks like. If the website designer is in India, that might be how they perceive Americans. But it goes beyond photos.

The local population of a region will have certain habits, ways of working, a dominant age group, etc. It is hard to know these things if you have never lived in that region of the USA. If you want your website to be effectively marketing to the local population, it is vital that the potential customers see your website as something that is speaking to them.


The price you pay an outside company is not necessarily cheaper. Sometimes, it can be very cheap. However, you will always get what you pay for. Buying a cookie cutter design that is ten years out of date and contains foreign sounding language might save you $500, but using a local web design contractor is going to more than pay for itself even if it costs a few hundred dollars more. Give Mike a call today to discuss your company’s needs and options.