Branding is relatively simple, right? It is the company name on your products, store sign and checking account, right? Well, it isn’t as simple as that. You hear a lot about brand identity lately, but what does it really all mean?


This is one part of business that has become a bit of an art. Branding goes well beyond the name on your sign and product labels. In a nutshell, it is the feeling and emotion you send to your customers about your company. Messages you want to send might be environmentally friendly, happiness or comfort in a box, trustworthy, superior quality or many other messages. It is that message you are driving home to your customers without ever really speaking it.

Ways to Communicate Branding

There are many ways today where you communicate that message to your customer about who you are what you represent. In the old days it was just the label on the bottle or an advertisement in a newspaper. Today we have numerous possibilities with the Internet, web shows, and viral events that are in addition to some of the old advertising standards.

Ways to Get Your Brand Out There:

  • Social Media Messages
  • Viral Videos
  • Blog Posts
  • Business Signs
  • Television Ads
  • Company Logo
  • Celebrity Endorsements
  • Philanthropy

Where to Start

A smart business will get some help in this area and hire a professional to help brand their company. Most company owners are so focused on what they want to accomplish in the big picture that it makes it difficult to see the best core message. How your company brand is presented is also vitally important, and it is best to leave that to the expert. Contact JOHO Marketing today to talk about your company branding needs and the next level of marketing for your company.