Let’s face it, as a small business you can’t be available to answer a question about your services or products 24/7. But if you aren’t there to answer questions, those potential sales disappear! What a conundrum.

Those sales did disappear, but now they don’t have to!

AI Chatbots for Small Businesses

AI has it’s quirks, shall we say. For marketing it is very much overblown, as it is one of those garbage in = garbage out scenarios. (Don’t bother using it for marketing.) However! As a chatbot it is almost fully developed and highly controlled.

How to Capture Every Sale Inquiry with AI

There are some steps to take before you pick an AI Chatbot provider.

First, think about how you want to use it on your website. Which questions do you want it to handle? What problems will it solve? Would you like it to integrate with one of your programs you use?

Once you figure out exactly what you want your little website chatbot to handle, you will have the information you need to select an AI Chatbot provider.

Second, surf the Internet to find the providers that offer the type of service you desire. Some of the smaller chatbots are very simple in nature. You guess at what your potential customers will ask and you write an answers for those questions. It will give introductions to your services, give out contact information such as addresses or phone numbers, etc.

Higher up the scale there are chatbots that are very complex and are capable of carrying on an actual conversation with a potential customer, take sales orders, handle returns and answer complex questions.

If you have a limited staff, an AI Chatbot can be a great asset in increasing your sales in a small business. And they do quite a bit to help major brands, as well! It is a high return on investment.