Your Silicon Valley small business probably has some stiff competition, so you are going to have to master marketing to locals. You need to reach your targeted customers to get them into your business instead of the other guy’s business. Here are some tips to start that process.

Marketing to Locals Successfully

The best approach is a variety of approaches. You’ll need to cover all the bases and keep marketing in every conceivable way. Once you start seeing results, keep the things that work in your plan and rework the things that are not producing. Here are some things to work on to start.

Google Local

At least 50% of people looking for a business like yours are using the Internet to find you. Google Local will put you right in front of them for free. Make sure your Google Local listing is up to date and all the information is correct.

Approach Local Businesses

Introduce yourself to local businesses that can use your services or recommend you to their clients and customers. Networking groups are an easy way to meet local business owners. But whenever you’re out and about, have business cards to hand out when you engage the owner in conversation when shopping in their store.


Use to offer free meetings on topics that are of interest to your potential customers. You can also offer your location for a group that uses MeetUp for their gatherings. For instance, if you have a coffee shop, encourage them to meet at your business by offering attendees a coupon for coffee and snacks.

Use Influencers

Pay local influencers to review your products, your services, and generally recommend your business to their followers. It will give you a quick surge in customers.

Get Help

When you need to boost your local business talk to Mike at JOHO Marketing for more ideas and help in bringing in more customers.