Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson


Internet Marketing Manager

My name is Mike Johnson. As an Internet Marketing Manager, I have over 25 years of experience in marketing, sales management, advertising and Internet marketing in the USA. I noticed that so many small businesses and entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley were not on the Internet yet and therefore, missing the vast majority of their target client and customer base.

I know that these days most people who are searching for a product or business service will do so on the Internet, even if they are looking for something local. If your company is not using a good USA Internet marketing company on the web then all of those potential new customers will never see your message or your products. So, I put together a team of website and marketing experts and started JOHO Marketing. We now help these small businesses acquire new customers from the far reaches of the web.

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Pam Love


Jeff Thomsen

Jeff Thomsen

Graphic Design

JOHO Marketing

The word joho is a Japanese word meaning intelligence – or information uncovered. It also connotes energy and the ability to electronically convey the message. I have selected this as our company name and slogan, because our company enables you to get your message sent digitally to potential new customers and clients.

My USA Internet Marketing management service team at JOHO Marketing creates a marketing strategy to meet your business goals and helps your company to grow. We manage your website, blog, newsletter and social media accounts all while implementing marketing strategies for your target market. If you already have a website that needs some updating or SEO improvement, we can make it start producing for you again. If you are not on the Internet at all, we can get you there.

The Importance of Internet Marketing in the USA

With JOHO Marketing’s help, you will reach more of the type of customers who are specifically looking for the products or services you provide, whether you’re targeting local, national or international markets. We will help you stay in touch with and build loyalty with your existing customers. We will convert others to become your loyal customers. When you run a small business, we completely understand the pressure you are under and how you wish you could do it all. Money is tight and time is even tighter. That is why JOHO Marketing will handle this marketing portion of your company for you. You will find that digital marketing quickly pays for itself.

JOHO Marketing acts as your own Marketing Manager on the Web:

  • Acts as your SEO company in the USA
  • Gets your social media accounts producing for you
  • Gets your website updated and working for you again
  • Attracts new customers to your small business
  • Sets up email marketing to develop more repeat business from your clientele
  • Keeps your message in front of all of your customers whether they are brand new or loyal patrons

Joining the Internet Age

We love helping small businesses become more successful in what they do. Give us a call to talk about how we help you acquire more customers. We’ll set up an affordable plan to pump your business up and reach those Internet customers, maximizing your profits quickly.

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