Probably one of the most effective things a small business can do to increase sales is getting a new website design and maintenance package. Your website is the first thing about half of your potential new customers see about your business. This is where their first impression is made about who you are and the quality of your products. And that impression is made within a second or two. How do you suppose your old website measures up?

Website Design and Maintenance

If your website design was made five or more years ago, the impression it is giving your potential new customers is that you are outdated and sloppy. This impression carries over to the assumption that your products or services aren’t all that good. It is unfortunate, but true. It is like having your company’s building covered in peeling paint and rotting wood with weeds overgrown in the parking lot. There is a better way. You can appear to have the finger on the pulse of your industry with a new up to date and modern website. And that website will instill confidence in you and your services, bringing you higher dollar sales and more new customers.

Websites today are very fluid in their design. They don’t just shrink smaller, the parts of the website will automatically reconfigure themselves to look big and beautiful on any size device. Some customers will be using a mobile phone to view your website, some a tablet and some a desktop computer. Today’s websites look spectacular on every size screen.

This isn’t the only thing that is different about recent website design changes. There are numerous differences that came about in website design recently. The bottom line is, if you don’t have a new website design with a maintenance package, it is costing you a lot of sales. Call Mike today so that he can show you how spending a little is going to bring you a lot.