Your brand is one of the most critical elements of your website. It’s what distinguishes your business from the competition.

The way you present your business online is mainly based on how you prefer to draw attention and how you want to be viewed.

Here are a few proven tricks that you can enrich your brand through website design.

Use Customer Service Plugins and Bots

Customer support plugins such as a 24-hour live chat and real-life photos will build trust and loyalty, while customer support bots provide instant answers to the most basic questions customers may have.

Typically, installing the bots is not overly complicated. It is the perfect way to impress and engage visitors to your website.

Improve Readability

Content that is easier to read gets more reads. It’s as simple as that.

There are various ways you improve the readability of your website, including the size of the font. Use at least 14 points or 16 points to make it easier on the readers and contrast it with the background color.

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to read newspapers and magazines? Well, their trick is to use narrow lines in their columns. But narrow lines would be far from practical if your sentences are not shorter.

Use short sentences as much as possible.

Focus on the Customer

Countless websites focus on exercising their bragging rights; why they are excellent, and why their product is the best; a big turn-off for most customers. The right approach is usually to communicate to the customer.

How is your product or company going to help me? What value are you offering? How is your product going to improve the quality of my life? If you can communicate this clearly, then you will convince the prospects.

A Responsive Website

The web development approach where the website’s appearance changes dynamically based on factors such as the screen orientation and size improves the user experience. Switching through devices such as the laptop or iPad should not significantly affect usability, scripting abilities, or the website’s resolution.

Ideally, the website should respond positively to the user’s preferences.

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