Why Facebook for business? When you’re setting up a marketing plan for your local business these days, everyone will tell you to use Facebook for business. But what is that going to do for you? Who cares about Facebook when you’ve got a business to run? Well, everybody.

Why Facebook for Business

Today’s business marketing plans involve social media, even for a brick and mortar mom and pop store. Over 50% of local customers are using social media and search engines to find a business like yours. If you don’t engage them online then your business is likely going to die a slow death. But, what’s this have to do with Facebook and why Facebook for Business?

Facebook for Business is a program run by Facebook for advertising across their products like Facebook, Instagram, Instant Messenger and beyond. It makes it convenient to create and run advertisements across all of those social networks, reaching millions of people. But it isn’t just an ad manager, it is a treasure trove of resources that help you learn how to find and market to your potential local customer. But, you do have to be careful with their resources, as there is an incentive for them if you do it incorrectly. The more you spend, the more they make. You’ll find their instructions might not be as simple as they need to be.

However, advertising on social networks is a must today if you have a business of any size. So, love it or hate it, Facebook for Business is something you need to learn or you need to hire a digital marketing expert to run it for you. Give Mike a call and ask him, “Why Facebook for Business?” He’ll explain this program in greater detail.