Where to begin with the fundamentals of social media marketing, except for at the very beginning! Starting from scratch is usually what most businesses need to do. Here are some things you must do in order to start taking advantage of one of the most cost effective ways to market to your customers or clients.

Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing

You are going to need an account with Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Of course, you are going to need only the ones you are going to use. The first thing in the fundamentals of social media marketing is to have some social media accounts! Here are the ones you might need.


Twitter is where people go to see-up-to-the-second news from around the world and to complain to a company about something. You need an account to be there for customer service, in the very least.


YouTube is a place for videos, live feeds and tv-style shows. If you plan to do how-to videos for your products, start a show or do a live feed from an event, you need YouTube.


Facebook is still the reigning king of social media. People are still hanging out there all day long in some cases. It is still the best we have in 2018.


Instagram and/or SnapChat are the hip places to be. You can post short videos and lots of photos. Having an account on Instagram is a must, if you have something beauty related, fashion related or food related.

Getting Followers

Of course you’ll need your customers to follow you. Put a sign on your counter asking them to follow you, encourage people to follow you at trade shows or events and start following people yourself. Many times they’ll follow you back. Put links to your social accounts on your website. If you need some help with the fundamentals of social media marketing, contact us at JOHO Marketing.