Your Small Business Success Tips for today are all website related. Even if you are looking for new customers from only your local area, there are things you need to know, so that you do not miss 50% of your target market.

Small Business Success Tips

Most small business success tips will involve everything except the Internet for local businesses. But these days, the Internet is a vital part of business growth even if you are a locals only business. The fact is that at least 50% of locals are using only the Internet and their smartphone to find a company like yours. People no longer use the phone book to find a company to shop with. They use their smartphone and do a Google or Bing search, or they pull up to find a company with great reviews. Are you doing everything you can to capture that 50% of the market?

Have a Modern Website

Website design has recently made a huge shift to a vertical presentation. Websites no longer have a horizontal design that goes across the page in a linear fashion. Websites now scroll down for the most part. The reason for this is that small business websites are set up to be friendly for the smartphone. Today, if your website isn’t mobile friendly, the search engines will not send you visitors.

Digital Marketing

In addition to needing a new website that is fully operational on a smartphone, you also need to keep your online reputation in check. Digital marketing is also the best place to spend your advertising dollar. Engage your customers on social media and market to them with digital coupons and contests. Make sure all of the online reviews for your small business are reviewed and any negative reviews are responded to.

JOHO Marketing

JOHO Marketing gives many small business success tips to their business clients in the Silicon Valley and Bay Area. Doing business, even for those targeting only a local customer base, needs to be on the web these days. Your customers and potential customers are on the Internet searching for a company like yours. Make sure they can easily find you.