Your small business tip of the day is: Writing a blog post is vitally important. You probably have blog software on your website or maybe your entire website is made on WordPress, which is blog software. But, have you done anything with it? Writing blog posts on a regular basis is vitally important for your company.

Small Business Tip of the Day

Your blog does a couple of things that are really important for your company’s survival on the Internet, and that’s why it is the small business tip of the day from JOHO Marketing. Your blog accomplishes two vital things. It keeps the search engines revisiting your website to capture the new content and it keeps your customers coming back to read the new content.

Search engines have a lot to do and they won’t visit your website unless you give it a regular reason to do so. Writing new blog posts does that for you. You probably don’t update your web pages very often, but a blog will update daily, once a week or even once a month. That keeps the search engine on top of things on your website.

Your customers and potential customers will keep coming back to your website whenever there is a new blog post. So, make sure your blog posts are helpful information that your potential customers and regulars are interested in reading. When the customer goes to your website often then they remember you when they need what you sell. Or, they shop right there on your website when the blog post publishes.

JOHO Marketing

A small business tip of the day is to pay attention to your blog posting duty. If you don’t have time to write for your blog, ask JOHO Marketing to take over that duty for you and keep your blog working for you.