A business brand’s visual identity is a powerful tool for expressing a company’s story, developing client loyalty, and raising income. If done correctly, it can convey a specific sensation or message without using words. Because visual identity is so vital in branding, it’s crucial to know what makes up an identity and how to develop one.

What is Visual Identity?

A visual identity is the visible representation of a business brand, from the logo and colors to the website and design of physical stores. It encompasses everything you can see in connection to a company. It can comprise many elements such as graphics, animations, typography, logo, digital ads, etc.

Note that visual identity is a subset of brand identity. However, it focuses on how you visualize a brand. It necessitates a different strategy than brand identity, yet it must compliment the brand.

Creating a Visual Identity for Your Business Brand

Developing a great visual identity demonstrates who you are, why they should interact with you and aids in the emotional attachment to your brand identity. Ensure you have the minimum brand criteria defined before establishing your visual identities, such as values, voice and tone, persona, and mission statement.

Visual identity plays a part in how people perceive your brand. So it is vital to get them right. You can learn to do the design yourself or hire a graphic designer to help bring your visual identity to life. People remember stories more than facts. Hence visual identity must focus on telling a great story. You can draw people in with characters and conflict or incorporate your values into your visuals.

Creating a brand style guide, and outlining the specific visual identity systems and styles, can help your team combine existing visuals with new elements as the company grows. At Joho Marketing, our business brand services and packages will make all the difference in your business needs. We have what it takes to generate a bespoke plan for your business brand. Contact us today, and you will be glad you did.