A good reputation is the key to an efficacious brand. Typically, how your company appears in web search results can translate to more business or loss of customers. It worsens if the negative reviews or information appear higher in the search results.

Professional reputation management has become a trend for businesses to clean up their online reputation. But it can sometimes backfire.

Here are tips on managing your online reputation:

How to Clean Up Your Online Reputation

  • Perform a general search of your company name and related keywords in all the major search engines. Run site-specific searches of popular websites such as yelp and RipOff Report and note any negative reviews, mentions, misspellings, and where your company appears. Make addresses, phone numbers, and physical location, among others, consistent across the web.
  • Contact the websites where the vindictive or false reviews are posted and request they be removed. But if the complaints are legitimate, post an apology and give your clear and gentle explanation. Other customers who come across the negative reviews will see your commitment to resolving issues and desire to maintain a good relationship with clients.
  • Create blog posts and other original content to rank higher and replace the negative mentions that may appear elsewhere. If there is positive content about you or closely associated with your name or brand, try to include your name in it, that is if possible. You can do this by having your name in the URL for ranking purposes.

The way you handle situations online can make or break your online reputation. Avoid insults as much as possible. People are likely to view the company negatively, more than the customer on the receiving end. If you need tips on cleaning up your online reputation, contact JOHO marketing. We are experienced reputation builders.