You probably see a little notice from Facebook from time to time telling you that you could boost that particular page post. So, what is boost on Facebook? Should you do it?

What is Boost on Facebook?

The boost feature on Facebook is a form of advertising. Facebook limits your status updates and page posts these days to a fraction of your followers and friends. They will give your post lots of exposure if you pay them to do so. That is what the boost is. They will send it out to as many people as you would like, but you’ll pay for that privilege.

Is a boost on Facebook worth it? If you’re running a company and your post has been particularly popular with your regular customers, then the boost is probably worth it. You’ll reach a lot more potential customers that you would not have reached otherwise. But, you need to be careful.

How Boost on Facebook Works

When you boost a post that you’ve written on your company Facebook page, you will be given the option to tinker with the audience settings. This is very important. You do not want to pay to have that post appear in timelines of people who would never become your customer. For instance, suppose you sell yachts. You wouldn’t want to pay for low income people clicking like on your post. Every time they like or share your post, you get charged. So, you want to refine the options down to people who would likely purchase your product or service.

Having Someone Manage Facebook Boosts

Managing Facebook is much like any advertising medium, you’ll want someone running it that knows what they’re doing. When you’re trying to find out “What is a Boost on Facebook?” then you are going to need some help. Mike at JOHO Marketing is just the person to help you harness that feature and turn it into customers.