Social media is now the bee’s knees of competitiveness in contemporary business. Up to 51% of the respondents in a 2020 study said that social media influenced their purchase decisions.

Your business can make significant gains or losses to the competition by simply in the manner you handle your online presence. But you can hire a pro to improve your chances of success.

A social media manager is an expert that works with social media accounts, and how well they do their work determines how efficient the online brand value and presence is.

Here’s what the social media manager does for your business.

Plans and Develops Social Media Campaigns

Developing and growing a social media presence is a full-time job and requires a good plan. A social media manager can plan and develop the campaign to enhance your brand’s agility.

Create Compelling Content

The manager also develops content based on the insights gained to be on top of things in the social media space. They use strategies such as switching creatives or objectives to ensure the content is adequately compelling.

Examining the Effectiveness of Running Campaigns

A social media manager monitors the pages of your business and determines how effective a particular campaign is, and makes the necessary tweaks to improve it.

The manager asks important questions like the products the users would love or the changes they would like to see.

Engaging with Buyers on Different Channels

A member of your staff posting on Facebook or Twitter without a clearly defined plan will not help your brand. It can do more harm than help because you must engage with the users.

Social media is a two-way traffic where the brand interacts with its users to show that it cares. The social media manager responds to questions and users’ feedback to tell them the brand is listening.

The growth of your business will depend on how you engage your customers. Social media is an ocean of resources to connect deeper with the customers, and you need a social media manager to be effective. Talk to Joho Marketing about hiring a social media manager.