You’ll need to hire a web marketing solutions expert, if you are a small business owner that just doesn’t have the time or knowledge for it. You are probably aware that up to 50% of your local target market can be reached only by social media or on the web, but how do you capture that market when you’re so busy running your company?

Web Marketing Solutions

Local businesses used to be able to live their years without having to worry about the Internet for capturing their target market. People used the yellow pages, period. Oh, what an easy and simpler time that was. Today, this is not the case at all. Your local customers will search the web to find a business like yours and their numbers are staggering – about 50% of the local customer population. So, how does a business owner tap into that? You need web marketing solutions and probably an expert to do it for you.

A digital marketer leaves no Internet stone unturned when setting up programs to catch the attention of your potential local customers. And beyond just attracting these new customers to your small business, the digital marketer keeps them engaged so that they are constantly interacting with your company. This engagement keeps them coming back to your store to buy and keeps your brand a happy one for them.

The areas that need to be developed are your website, your website’s SEO, writing blog posts, social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook that interact with your new customers and possibly some search engine marketing. Give Mike a call at JOHO Marketing to discuss a plan that will quickly start attracting this lost half of your local market. You’ll see that the money spent on web marketing solutions will give far greater returns per dollar spent.