In the business world, customer trust is the currency for more sales and a growing margin. It is the main factor in every consumer’s purchase decision.

There are various ways to improve or build customer’s trust, and videos are at the top of the pile. YouTube videos are not only about exposure but enhancing customer trust as well.

But how do you do this?

Tell the Story Behind the Brand

You should have videos that tell your brand’s story – its mission, goals, identity, and voice. They reveal why the brand was created, what the customers can expect, and what differentiates them from the rest.

Don’t bore the customers with something they already know. Instead, create a narrative about the origin of the business, its growth and the struggles it has had to overcome. Include information about the employees, the environment the company is in and participation in the local community.

Customer Testimonials

Word of mouth and third party review sites are so effective because buyers tend to trust other buyers. They easily believe what a fellow buyer has to say about a particular product. The next thing after knowing your business that prospects want to know is what others think about the business.

Use this trust towards other buyers to your advantage by creating customer testimonial videos. A typical testimonial video should start with the client’s problem and how the product provided a solution.

Focus on Authenticity

Customers these days can sniff out inauthenticity or exaggeration in advertising campaigns from a mile away. They are more interested in honest messages from real product users. Don’t be afraid to show the flaws in the process as long as you are authentic.

Focus on what the customers want and how you will best fulfill their needs.

And because authenticity in videos can be challenging to tell, have a small group of viewers point out sections that seem exaggerated.

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