While a mailing list of pre-qualified leads is the big cheese of any business to build customer loyalty and better sales, the only significant huddle is time and cost. So, how do you create an opted-in mailing list fast without breaking the bank? The secret- Facebook ads!

Problem with Purchased Mailing Lists

While purchased mailing lists may seem like a shortcut solution for businesses looking to expand their client base, they’re a big risk.

Purchased lists are usually scraped from the internet, which is illegal, and a source of poor-quality leads. The leads you get are unengaged, unqualified, and may not be interested in your products, and the result is poor click-throughs, low open rates, and dismal sales.

On the other hand, Facebook ads can be pretty effective with lead generation and building mailing lists. Facebook ad campaigns have useful targeting options based on your ideal buyer’s interests, demographics, and behaviors. Your ads will be seen by people interested in the service or products you offer; therefore, the chances of them opting into your mailing list are very high.

How You Build a Mailing List of Pre-Qualified Leads Using Facebook Ads

One of the most effective ways to entice potential leads is by offering free digital items in exchange for their contact information. For example, if your business is in the automotive market, you can give an eBook with tips on keeping their specific car model in the best condition. It’s an offer they can’t refuse – at least most of them.

Such a digital gift has value to the customer and ensures they’re genuinely interested in your products. Voluntary mailing list opt-ins have open rates of up to 60-80%; they have much better click-throughs and are guaranteed to add to your sales volume.

Also, you can optimize and modify Facebook ads to get the most out of them for mailing lists. You can track the number of ad views you generate, clicks, and subscriptions to the mailing lists. These metrics will help make ad campaign adjustments to improve the results.

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