The best SEO that a small business owner can do is to redesign and rewrite their website. There are SEO companies that will tell you that you need their services constantly, but that isn’t the case generally. Getting your website optimized for search engines is a lot easier today than it used to be.

The Best SEO for Your Website

Google will tell you in their many, many pages on SEO in their knowledge base that writing a page that is of value is the #1 best SEO technique you can use. What Google doesn’t tell you is how to write the page.

Luckily, a good SEO expert that keeps on top of the industry as JOHO Marketing does, knows exactly which words to use and where to put them on the page. First, keyword research needs to be done to find out the exact phrases that potential customers are putting into the search engine to find a company like yours. Next, that keyword phrase list needs to be pared down to the phrases that are being used the least by your competitors. Now you have a list of keywords to use in optimizing your website’s webpages.

Most small business websites need a serious design upgrade in addition to having their text rewritten on their web pages. It is recommended that a small business do both at the same time. The reason being, the page’s design needs to accommodate the text. If you have an old design then it is too difficult to get the keyword phrases on the web page in the right percentage of keywords vs general text. The search engines want the keywords in specific places on a page and in a low percentage. This has become a complex matter today. The days of just typing your phrases over and over again on the page are over.

When it is time for you to get your website attracting customers again by using the best SEO, give Mike a call at JOHO Marketing.