Here are some strong password ideas to help you update your password today. You really need to change your passwords several times per year, no matter how much of an awful pain it is to deal with having to memorize another new password. But there is a method to make it more secure and easier to remember!

Strong Password Ideas That Are Easy to Remember

Strong password idea for a better password that is easy to remember is this: write a phrase. That is the basic idea behind some very strong passwords. There is a little more to it, though, but you’re likely already doing the rest of the tips.

Creating a Strong Password:

  • Write a phrase you made up yourself
  • Include numbers, unique characters and capital letters
  • Avoid any common phrase or title
  • Make it at least 8 characters long


Here is the general idea. You write a short phrase you created. Make it something that makes you smile and will be easy to remember. It’ll look something like these:


Of course, do not use any of the above passwords. They are on the Internet and the bad guys have those now. You’ll need to create your own.

It helps if the phrase is somewhat personal and contains several words. If you must write it down you can, but never include where to use the password and store it nowhere near where you’d use it. Likely the absolute worst place to write it down is in a file on your computer. Use a piece of paper and pen, then put it in your wallet or behind the mirror in the restroom.

Create your new log-in password now. Create a new password for every place you have to log-in. Using one password for everything is very convenient for you and the person that steals it from you. They love it when you do that! Use a different one for every log-in.