Today’s social media tips are about getting more followers for your local business in the Bay Area. Customers here are very tech savvy, more so than in the average city in America, so social media presence is very important in attracting new customers and keeping them. But, getting started is difficult, so here are some tips that will make it a lot easier to start.

Social Media Tips in Regard to Followers

Your social media account for a local business is very different than what a retail business needs that sells products worldwide. Your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts need to have followers who live in your community and shop locally. So, where do you start? Here are some social media tips.

Promote Inside Your Shop

The best way to get more followers for your social media accounts is to promote those accounts inside your store. Have a big sign on your counter that asks them to sign up to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and give them your account name. While they’re waiting for their order they’ll sign up. They have a smartphone that they are probably using in your store.

Your Website

Make sure your social media accounts have icons on your website. Website visitors will click on them to follow your company.

Follow People

When you follow people on social media, many times they will follow you back. In the least, they’ll see your bio and that’s free advertising. Spend some time every week following your follower’s friends and you’ll find your followers will grow quickly.

Run an Ad

All social media platforms have targeted advertising available. You can target local potential customers with an ad, encouraging them to click to follow your company.

There are a lot of social media tips on the internet that give more ideas, but the most effective are putting up a sign in your store and running social media ads.