You have a great social media marketing strategy plan. Check. You have signed up for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Check. But wait, there are some things to do that are vitally important before launching that spectacular strategy.

Social Media Marketing Strategy Plan

Most companies want to get right to the good stuff – the launch of that plan they worked so hard on. In the rush to launch the social media marketing strategy plan they miss a very important task.

The step to take before launch is to review your social media header, profile photo and bio. Make sure your images are properly sized, clear and accurately represent your company. Make sure your bio is positive, short and to the point, includes a couple of relevant hashtags and has your website listed. Remember to check, double check and have a second set of eyes check it. It is that important. If your profile looks awful, then your great strategy is blown.

Another thing to take a very careful look at is your website. Your website needs to be in a style that is current within the past couple of years, mobile friendly and written to show the benefits and features of your services and products and includes calls to action. If your website looks like it was created in India about ten years ago then all the marketing in the world isn’t going to help bring you customers. Your website is your virtual storefront. It needs to be clean, neat and have proper virtual signage.

Get Help Preparing

If you need help developing an awesome social media marketing strategy plan or need a lot of work on your presentation of your social media accounts and website, ask Mike at Joho Marketing for some help. He’ll make sure you maximize your results from your marketing plan.