Contracting with a social media marketing expert is the way to launch your campaigns and start your social media marketing on the right path. There is so much outdated information on the Internet, learning all by yourself will have you doing things today that were outdated or banned years ago.

Social Media Marketing Expert

The first thing a social media marketing expert will do is some research on your company. The first step is discovery of things that will hinder your SMM (social media marketing) campaign.

  • Company Imposters
  • Website Isn’t Ready
  • Confusing Brand Across Digital Landscape
  • Low Number of Followers
  • The Competition

As you might imagine, those items cover a lot of ground.


Company imposters is something you might not have encountered before. Today, many times other companies will pretend to be your company, at least in identity. This gives them your credibility. These companies need to be stopped and reported.

Your Website

When your website looks terrible, has a confusing message, or is just plain seriously outdated, a complete revamp is in order. Your website needs to be mobile friendly, have a strong, clear message, optimized for search engines and user friendly.


If your company is associated with selling shoes in one place, selling tires in another and buying gold in another, you have some serious branding issues. You must make sure you look the same and have the exact same message everywhere you are found on the Internet. Yes, even on MySpace!


If you’d like to start marketing on social media, you need to have people to market to. So, bump up those followers before launching a campaign.


Take a look at what your competitors are doing. You want to do what they are doing successfully, but do it even better.

Getting Help

A good social media marketing expert will know what is working in today’s environment and what isn’t. It is a complicated digital world out there. It is far more cost effective to put an expert in place to handle this for you. Give Mike a call at JOHO Marketing to discuss your company and marketing on the Internet.