When you, as a business owner, are too busy to run your social media accounts for the business, handing them over to an employee seems to be the right thing to do. This is true, but it can easily turn into a disaster.

Social Media

Social Media is the hottest thing going and the least expensive way to promote your company today. But it takes a certain kind of person to run your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram accounts. When it comes to your business accounts it takes a lot more than someone who knows social media.

The employee you put in charge of your social media accounts is the voice of your company. Whatever that person does and says is speaking as your company. If they go off the rails and snarl at a customer or post political propaganda, it is seen as your company posting that stuff. So, you must choose an employee that is well versed on specific policies for these accounts.

Additionally, this employee must speak as the company and not as themselves. If this employee speaks as themselves then they become a Twitter personality that is attached to your business. This can get great results, but what happens when you have to let this person go? Your followers will go with that employee, leaving your company in the dust. So, it is vital they present only as the company personality and not a known personality.

If you need someone to run your social media accounts for your company, contact Joho marketing. We are experienced in running effective social media marketing for our clients. Avoid the potential problems with social media if you cannot run it yourself or cannot constantly supervise an employee that runs it.