2020 may go down in history as the year that particular digital trends crept up and accelerated into the mainstream. New behaviors such as teleconferencing and zoom that took many years to take hold are now becoming second nature.

As a business, it is time to rethink your business strategy post-COVID. It’s time for introspection, and the following trends will come in handy to keep your business head above the water.


Everything seems to have gotten smaller, including meetings, gatherings, and conferences. There is a push for more intimate launches, shorter videos, and less content in general. Smaller, simpler, and personal is the new trend, and you may be forced to relearn the basics.

COVID restrictions have sparked a new desire for simplicity, and your business needs to get in line.

Talent Investment and Retention

Large organizations understand the basics of talent investment and retention. Small businesses cannot match their outlandish budgets to attract and retain top talent. However, talent development is one area that small businesses can focus on and thrive.

There is wisdom in mentoring and training to help employees level up, especially when the world seems a bit crazy and motivations are ground low. It helps send a clear message that staff are a vital wheel in the success of your business.

More Focus on User Experience

Content structure, site speed, security, and navigation have emerged as essential pieces to enhance user experience. User experience now includes a mobile point of view, considering that most customers search for products using their mobile phones.

Google has announced plans to blend core web vitals – a mobile point of view – with other ranking factors for 2021. Now is the best time to beef up the mobile user experience to keep your SEO at the top of the game for 2021.

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