Small business marketing advice is all over the web. Hundreds of thousands of people have written books, websites and articles in order to make money giving advice to small business owners. But, is the advice any good or only worth the $19.95 they are asking for that book?

Small Business Marketing Advice

Probably the most important thing that a small business owner should keep in mind is that they have to be very careful whose advice they act upon. Most of the business articles and ebooks on the Internet are written by people who crank out blog posts all day long for $5 each. They have no experience in business at all; they are hired to write not only small business marketing advice, but will also write medical advice that they know nothing about. Beware of the Internet.

The very best advice is going to come from someone who is experienced in business in your local area. If you are an entrepreneur needing advice and support then seek out successful, local small business owners. You can do this in business networking groups or even at the local pub. Socializing with other business owners is vital for success. All business owners have experiences both good and bad that they are happy to talk about with another person in business.

Another place you can get small business marketing advice, especially about using the Internet, is to contact Michael at JOHO Marketing. He is happy to explain how to increase sales by using social media, blog posts and search engine optimization for your website. It is a new day in the local business arena. Marketing in cyberspace is here now, even for small mom and pop establishments with a local customer base. Give Mike a call today to find out more about how you can make the Internet work for you in an easy way.