A small business blog is not for expressing your thoughts of the day like a diary. It started out that way back in the day, but today it is something that is used for company exposure. Here are some tips on how to use that blog for greater search engine exposure to attract more customers.

Small Business Blog

A website that just sits there and doesn’t bring in customers from the Internet isn’t worth much. A website needs to be used and seen in order to grow your business, whether your company is international or local. That is where the small business blog comes into play. Your company’s blog needs to keep the search engines engaged as well as your customers. It also needs to keep them all coming back.

Getting the search engines to keep coming back to your website involves using specific words that people are using in searches to find a business like yours. By using these words in key places in your blog posts, it lets the search engines know that you are the right place to send those customers. Blog posts, aside from using these important words, let the search engines know that new content is up on your website. The search engines will remember that your website is still important and it will send it visitors.

To know what words and phrases you should use in your blog posts, you’ll need to have keyword research done. This search lets you know what phrases your potential customers use the most to find a business like yours. It also lets you know which of those phrases are used the most by other websites. It also tells you which phrases are used the least. When you focus on the least used, you get that edge on the competition.

If you need to learn more about blog posts for your blog and keyword research, give Michael a call at Joho Marketing. He can explain the ins and outs of blog posts.