JOHO Marketing is your source for SEO services for small business. We handle the search engine optimization needs for small businesses in Sunnyvale and the surrounding areas. Our SEO service goes beyond just driving traffic.

SEO Service for Small Business

The first thing a small business needs to understand is that the most important thing about SEO for their website, is that it is their website that needs the SEO. Most SEO companies that promise and sell SEO services for small business have outdated practices that can get you banned from Google’s search engine. And that is a problem for which there is no easy solution. You have to go back an undo every single thing that they did to build page links and remove every single article they put up in the wilds of the Internet. During that time your website is not receiving hits from Google. It is one expensive problem.

The most effective optimization you can do is to find the keyword phrases for your industry that customers are putting in the search engines. Out of that list of words, you pick the ones that are used the least by your competition. The next step is to optimize all of your pages with one or two of those phrases on your web pages and then use the rest in regular blog posts.

Those phrases can’t be placed just anywhere. There are specific places on the page where those phrases need to be in order to have an impact. Once your website is optimized, you will start climbing up to page one of the search results. It usually takes only a few days.

JOHO Marketing

If you need to increase your hits and increase your bottom line, call Mike at JOHO Marketing and ask about our SEO service for small business. Soon your website and business will start attracting customers from the Internet.