A small business depends heavily on good reviews and high scores in order to compete in the marketplace these days. This affects businesses that do only local businesses, too. Reviews are not just for companies that do business online.

But sometimes people will put fake negative reviews online that target your company. And sometimes a bad review is mistakenly put on your company’s account instead of the company’s account they were reviewing. It happens. And these days, most review sites will remove those types of negative reviews, which improves your score.

How to Remove a Bad Review

Every review site has its own process you’ll need to go through in order to have a negative review removed. But review sites are currently not under any obligation to remove problem content that their users post. So, be prepared to hear no as an answer to your request to remove a review.

Remove Yelp Review

If there is a Yelp review that you’d like removed, click the little flag icon and report it. Make the case that the review goes against their guidelines.

Remove a Google Review

Google is a stickler about their review policies and will remove only the ones that make the case that they violate Google’s review policies. So, you can flag the review in Google My Business app in the Reviews section. There is an option to report a view in the Tap More icon.

Facebook Review Removal

Facebook reviews will be removed by Facebook if they meet one or more of these criteria: spam, hate speech or suspected paid review. And as with anything on Facebook, they probably won’t help you. Click the … on the review, report it and see what happens. If you’re lucky their computer will delete it, but that probably won’t happen.

You’ll likely have to use the option of respectfully replying to the negative review to let anyone else know that you’re trying to rectify the situation. So, turn it around and make it a positive situation in the end.

Help in Deleting Reviews

At JOHO Marketing, we can help you get rid of any unwanted reviews or even get negative blog posts and articles from coming up in search results. Give Mike a call for help with reviews.