Discounts are a double edge sword. Sure, they drive traffic in and can work very quickly in a pinch to take in cash, but they cost the company more than the discount. So, there are better ways to drive people in and these ways are more effective than discount specials.

The More Effective Promo

The problem with discounts is that they are selling the price of a product to your customers and discounting the value of your product. This combination is not good. The solution is to offer promotions that do not discount your prices or the value of your products and services. Here are some ideas on better promos that even customers like better than coupons.

Free Gift

The free gift was a promo that was famously used by gas stations and banks back in the day. It was done like a coffee card is done today. Each visit for gas would earn you a punch on your card. Then when it was all punched, you’d receive a set of glasses, dishes, toys, whatever the promo item was that year. You can do a similar version, but simpler to manage. Just give them a little free gift for using your service every time they come in. People feel special when they see the free gift and will keep returning because of it.

Referral Freebee

When someone refers someone to your company and that person purchases your products or services, reward the person who sent them to you. This should be a nice cash reward. You can make the reward accelerate in value depending on the running total of the number of referrals received.

Game of Chance Type of Reward

Have the customer get X number of spins on the wheel for a prize depending on the amount they spend with you. The wheel can be on an app on an iPad that’s bolted to the counter and used only for this purpose.

Free Photo Booth

Have the customers stop by for a free session in a photo booth in your shop. Tell them to bring the kids.

Get Them In

Whatever fun promo you use, make sure it sends them to your shop, website, office or temporary business location. The more contact they have with you for fun things, the more often they’ll buy.