Pay-per-click is one of the most widespread internet marketing models, which works by allowing the advertiser to purchase visits to the site instead of getting them organically. Usually, a small fee is paid to the search engine with every ad click sending the visitor to your site.

The fee is usually insignificant, if the pay-per-click campaign is working as it should. For example, if the click results in a $500 sale, then the $2 fee is trivial.

A winning PPC campaign has two main supporting structures: keyword research and setting up optimized PPC landing pages. Businesses that set up successful pay-per-click campaigns benefit from low per click charges. It is a search engine reward for valuable and relevant campaigns.

As you can see, keyword research is at the heart of successful and affordable PPC campaigns.

Using Google Ads and Succeeding with PPC Campaigns

Google Ads is the most popular for PPC campaigns based on the vast amounts of traffic it commands. While there are a couple of factors that determine your success, you can optimize your campaigns by focusing on keyword relevance, optimized landing pages, and enticing content.

The most successful advertisers have a few tricks up their sleeves. These include a PPC keyword list they keep refining and growing. Their account activity is high. Keyword research is a constant process that helps you find relevant and valuable keywords which should be as closely related to your offerings as possible.

Also, review the expensive and low-performing keywords and inactivate them. The goal is not to have the best breed of keywords but rather the most converting.

Most advertisers tend to overlook the long-tail keywords when conducting keyword research, but they are critical. They are less competitive, budget-friendly, and account for a higher portion of the search-driven traffic to your site. Don’t leave them out.

The non-converting terms or negative keywords are also important. Adding a few of them improves the campaign relevancy.

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