When done in the right way, the free gift or free sample can be very powerful tool to build customer loyalty and trust. Promotional giveaway ideas like this can help your local business grow quickly in the Silicon Valley.

Promotional Giveaway Ideas

The barkeep at the local Sunnyvale watering hole can develop a regular clientele with giving that free drink every once in a while. The customer feels special and appreciated for this patronage, so he considers that place his favorite place to drink. Well, your business can use the same strategy to show your local customers they are all your favorite customers.

Service Business Giveaways

A service-based business doesn’t have little appetizers or a free cocktail to hand out, but they do have their service upgrades. When working with the customer, give them a small, inexpensive service for free and let them know. Pick a service that is normally an upgrade and doesn’t cost much to perform.

An auto-repair shop has very few things that are small services, but they can always have some last-minute buy items on the counter like air fresheners they can give to the customer as a little gift. The buy items are not really buy items, but little gifts to give-away from time to time. Coupons for a discount at a local amusement park will work wonders, too.

Retail Giveaways

In a retail business, have small items that are related to the wares you sell and package them up with a little card to let them know you appreciate their patronage. For instance, an herb store can drop a sprig of fresh rosemary in the bag. Whatever small item you choose, drop this free item in every bag. Change the item every month, so they don’t keep receiving the same item.

The Importance of Free Items

Make it a point to give a small token of your appreciation to every customer, every time they buy from you. Sure, they will come to expect it. But they are coming into shop in order to get that little free item. It makes them feel so good. Promotional giveaway items are the best, providing they are from your regular stock or a service you provide.