While we wait for something better than the computer version of the skeleton key, we will flail around trying to figure out what that newest password is. We shall pray to God that someone somewhere will come up with a better way than having to remember 100 different, ever changing passwords. And there is a little something that has been recently perfected that is the best thing technology has for passwords. Yay!

Password Ideas for the Cure

The latest and greatest technology is the password manager. This comes in 2nd to the best, which is to have a Rolodex file sitting on your desk that’s dedicated to passwords under vague descriptions as to what they open. Don’t worry, young criminals have no idea what a Rolodex is, so they’ll never look there. But it could get scooped up in a quick robbery, so there is a better way.

The password manager is an encrypted software that sits on your computer. It’s one job is to remember your usernames along with your passwords for everything you log into and never let anyone else into it. It will also take your credentials and will sync with all of your devices and computers. Yay!

There are many companies offering password managers. Here are a few that CNET (the place you go for anything geeky) has reviewed and recommended.

Last Pass

This was rated the best by CNET. There is a free version that will limit you, but lets you try it out. If you like it then you pay $36/year for the full version. For $48, you can let your family members have an account with it, too.


This one costs $36.00/year and $60 when you include family members’ accounts. It lets you have a master password to get into your accounts. It includes a travel mode that removes sensitive data while you travel.


This is a no-frills version of the password manager. It costs only $12/year. And it can be used with the Tor browser. But if you use the Tor browser, you already knew that.

Password Managers

Enjoy never having to remember all those passwords. You’ll never have to come up with another password idea again.