Online marketing has been super successful for the small business Newark Nut company, more commonly known as This little nut company isn’t that small anymore! The grandchildren brought the company into the digital age and they are damn good at it. The company is a complete small business success.

Small Business Success

Newark Nut Company started in the height of the depression by Sol, then only 22 years old. He offered a good product at affordable prices and built a solid business. The company is now in the hands of the third generation of the family, the generation that grabbed the Internet by the horns and made it work for them.

Online Marketing

If you shop on, you will see their website has beautiful photos, it is logical to maneuver and is easy to use to place an order. If you sign up for their email list you’ll find they make the most of one of the best marketing ploys ever – the free sample.

The free sample has been used for millennium, and is still working better than ever for small business success! At, they offer a free item every month to encourage you to order again. These are not little sample envelopes of a taste of something. These are full size items. Maybe even a whole pie! The product quality is delicious and it kicks their online marketing into high gear.

The email mailings from go out just a few times a month, nothing that seems overdone like some companies. Each email offers a fun free item surprise, if only you order this month. The Newark Nut Company does online marketing right and makes the Internet work for them. They are a small business success. Be like the Newark Nut Company. If you need help obtaining this type of success, give Mike a call at JOHO Marketing to help you harness the Internet.