Everyone needs successful marketing campaigns, of course! But, where is your money best spent for some awesome returns? There are two different campaigns that are practically effortless and bring an enviable return on investment.

Successful Marketing Campaigns

First, there is Facebook advertising like pay per click and status update boosts. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Facebook is still the best thing going for social media advertising. They have the ability to hone right in on your target market and capture them for likes for your company’s Facebook page. And that is exactly where you want them, so you can continually market to them for free.

Facebook’s advertising is not free, you can expect to have to invest several hundred dollars a month to build up those likes on your company page. But once a person like’s your page, you can constantly engage them for free. This is well worth your investment.

Secondly, there is email marketing. This is when you frequently engage your customer base. It is amazing how far a brief, little email can take you in revenue increases! You can expect to pay several hundred dollars for an email marketing campaign that will engage your customers for a few months. You’ll be astonished with at return you’ll see in increased sales.

Email marketing goes well beyond just a birthday greeting. It is like a micromini newsletter that is written as advertising copy. It keeps your customer engaged, it announces new products and services and builds trust with helpful tips. If you haven’t emailed your customers before, you’ll love the huge, instant increase in business.

Help with Marketing Campaigns

You’ll need some help setting up and keeping your successful marketing campaigns on the right track. Contact Mike at JOHO Marketing for more information on how you can generate an instant boost in sales.