A marketing strategy needs to touch various areas of your business, not just running advertising or mailing prospective clients. It needs to be well rounded, covering most or all the bases. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of those areas that is a must do for the website.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is something you need to keep in mind whenever you change the text on your web pages or when you write a blog post. Sure, Google says that if you just offer great content that people want to see then the search engines will treat you fairly. That is only partly true. You sure do need content that people want to read, but you need to write that content in such a way that the search engine will understand what your page is talking about.

Writing a page with SEO in mind means that you’ll need to first do keyword research to come up with the keyword phrases you need to use. Then you will make sure you put those keyword phrases in prominent spots on the page. If it is in a couple of headings, then the search engine will understand that that phrase is what the page is about. Also, you need to have that phrase in the page a couple of times, along with other words that have a related meaning. If you use your keyword phrase too much then the search engine will think you’re trying to trick it and you’ll end up being pushed down to the bottom of the pile of websites.

Marketing Strategy

When you’re coming up with a marketing strategy, one of the most important things to tackle first is the website. Make sure the pages on your website are sending the search engine the message you intended to send. Give JOHO Marketing a call to schedule a consultation to see how you can improve your marketing.