Most businesses often make the mistake of focusing too much on gaining new customers, and in the process, overlook the returning lot. But as much as gaining new prospects and converting is essential, a good relationship with the existing customer base is critical.

You see, it would not make sense to gain as you lose.

Repeat customers are the base for any business, and you can harness their goodwill and social media to be good representatives. So how do you keep customers coming back?

Make it Easy to Contact You

We are living in exciting times where customers are not willing to wait for a reply. Don’t make them wait, or they will move on to a rival that is easier to contact. Listing a phone number and email is good, but a tweet, Facebook comment, and messenger are better.

Use AI-Powered chatbots for help with the frequently asked questions, and make it easier to access a human agent when needed.

Create Engaging Content

Consumers want to deal with businesses that are an authority in their industry. Create engaging and informative content through blogs and social media posts where your current and prospective customers can get info.

Provide industry news, how-to’s, and others they may be interested in, and they will trust in your ability to inform and deliver.


Collaboration gets to the hearts of the customers more than other methods. They love to help raise money for a cause or other good deed whenever they can.

Alternatively, give them their 15 minutes of fame by highlighting their reviews or photos of them using the product on your website, social media, or shop window. Chances are they will share this with their family and friends and remember the brand for a long time.

Joho marketing can help you create engaging content to acquire new customers and keep them coming. Let us know how we can help, and we will get your business to the next level.