Keeping in touch with your customers and clients during this pandemic shutdown is vital. You’ll be able to resume business quickly and easily as soon as you’re able to return your business to normal. Here are some ways to keep your brand in front of your clientele.

Ways to Keep in Touch with Customers

It is very old fashioned but send them a letter in the mail. This is a very effective method lately. The reason it returned to marketing vogue is that just about everybody quit using direct mail for marketing. So, by doing it now, you’ll have the customer’s full attention. So, send them a note with an update about your business.

Email Regularly

Continue to email your customers during the shutdown. There are many topics that can be discussed, such as updates on the business, things you’re doing personally, and related topics that will entertain and educate consumers. The point of the emails is to keep your business name in front of your customers, so they’ll be there for you at re-opening, or shop now if you’re still open.

Social Media Contact

Keep in touch easily with the press of a button with social media posts. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and others are all still open and busier than ever in this hot political climate. Make sure you keep your customers updated on all your social accounts. If you need any help setting up your accounts, let Mike know. He’s the expert in social media posts and marketing.

Create a Plan

If you’re open and business is drying up or you need to build things up while you’re closed for the pandemic, Mike at JOHO Marketing can help. Just give us a call and we’ll work together with you to create a solid marketing plan to keep your customers engaged and shopping again. We hope to hear from you soon.