Internet marketing is more than promoting your products and services. It can also be used to build trust in your brand. You can participate on the Internet to become a trusted guru for your current and potential customers.

Internet Marketing

In addition to using Internet marketing to give the features and benefits of your products and services, use it to get your potential customers to hang on your every word. When you put yourself in front of them as the trusted expert in your field, it quickly builds trust in you personally, and it also builds trust for your product.

One of the ways to do this is to participate in email chat groups. Before Facebook was all the rage, there were email mailing lists and BBS systems like FIDONET that companies used to engage their potential customers. Nowadays, it is Facebook. Start discussions on Facebook in a special interest group that you control. If you are selling dog shampoo then start a group for dog owners. Give many hints and tips on dog care, health concerns for pets, various dog breeds discussions and training tips. Of course, you will need to talk about your dog shampoos, also, but keep it limited. You want to present yourself as the dog care expert and share your knowledge with the masses. Encourage people to participate and make friends there so that they love to keep coming back to the discussion. This gives you a captive audience for your expertise and your products.

Get Marketing Help

Of course, promoting yourself as the expert in your field is a time consuming process and it can only be done by you. There is nobody that can be put in place in that role. But, you can get some help from JOHO Marketing to help you manage this effective plan. Give Mike a call today at JOHO Marketing to support you in your Internet marketing.