Most Internet marketing tips focus on pay per click (PPC) or emailing, but overlook the marketing method that is the most cost effective and has the fastest response. The real winner for small business’ biggest bang for the buck is the social media platform of Facebook.

Internet Marketing Tips

As it turns out, all these years later, a social media platform that was invented to contact other students in a local college, is now the best friend of small business. The reason it is the best marketing method is because just about everyone is on Facebook now. People sign up for Facebook and pretty much give up most of their rights to privacy. Facebook knows all the private details about a person due to people posting all their most intimate details of their lives on Facebook. This data can be extremely effective in small business marketing.

But even beyond the data that is collected on Facebook, people love to share little pictures with sayings, political causes and hobby how to videos with all their friends, all of the time. When a small business comes up with just the right photo or video with a saying or meaningful cause, people on Facebook will do all the marketing for the business instantly. And it is all 100% free. If it is a particularly good campaign, friends will share with friends, but so will their friends and the friends of those friends. This can add up to millions of people being exposed to the company’s name.

How to Start

How to start with this particular marketing method that is usually not including in lists of Internet marketing tips, is easy. You sign up for Facebook and then create a page for your small business. After that, give Michael a call at JOHO Marketing to talk about building your customer base on the social media platform and how to post messages on it for the full effect of this glorious marketing tool.