Why Twitter marketing? Hasn’t Twitter been on ignore for about 10 years or so as everyone flocked to Facebook? Well, Twitter is back as people begin fleeing the troubles of Facebook’s lack of data security and overall privacy negligence. Stay ahead of the pack with these marketing tips.

Twitter Marketing

Sure, you can buy ads on Twitter, but there is something that is far more effective to do first. And that is to indirectly market to your potential market by using Twitter Lists.

Twitter lists aren’t something you buy, it is a handy feature of Twitter. It is a way to categorize your Twitter followers and other Twitter users that you don’t even follow. If you want to look like a hot shot that follows no-one, you can still follow people without following them. Just create a list and view their Tweets by looking at that list. What this means is, some celebrities might be following you and you didn’t even know it! Ha!

Anyway, start lists of your potential customers and interact with them, building a rapport. For instance, if you’re B2B, you can search Twitter to find business accounts. Add the ones you like to the list you name “B2B” or refine them further to restaurants, automobile repair, hair salons, etc.

Just be yourself and start interacting with the people on your list. Don’t bombard them with ads and get pushy, just be a good buddy. As people discover they like you and enjoy reading your fun tweets, they’ll consider using you for their business needs.

And of course, make sure your Twitter profile is short, but gets the message across what you do for a living. Don’t make it spammy. Use as few words as possible to get the point across that you’re a restaurant supply company, a business insurance broker, whatever the case may be. They will contact you as a result of this indirect form of Twitter marketing.