We would like to share a case study that shows one of our many successes at JOHO Marketing. This case study was performed on Lumen Learning Center in Sunnyvale. The owner of this company came to us for a website evaluation, and to see what we could do to help reach their potential students.


LumenLearningCenter.com is a tutoring center and provides both in home and in-center tutoring. When we first evaluated their website, we saw numerous problems. The website was very old and just a hodgepodge of pdf files without any clear sense of design or content subject matter. As they wanted to grow their business, we got to work to fix the problems with the website.


We redesigned the website, giving it a well-organized design and an overall learning and education type of style. We added a blog section where we added many new blog posts related to learning each month. A newsletter sign up pop-up makes it easy for parents to sign up. The website is now 100% optimized for search engines, focusing on tutoring classes in the general Sunnyvale area. Once the new website was in place, we started a social media campaign to send the targeted market to Lumen’s website for tutoring information.


We were seeing the blog posts being picked up by searches in a matter of just a few days and the social media accounts were growing. After a couple of months, the owner of the center called and was so excited to report that they were now signing up many new students! In fact, there were so many new students, they had to hire more teachers to keep up with the demand.


Lumen Learning Center is a very happy client. We were able to identify and solve their public message problem with their website and social media. If your company needs a little fixing in order to have an increase in business, give Mike a call to arrange a meeting.