Almost anyone with access to the internet spends about half of their waking hours on social media platforms today. This reality in itself is a goldmine for businesses and marketing, as social media provides you with an excellent opportunity to connect with your target audience, interface with them and convert them into loyal customers.

Social media presents the opportunity for your business to become a brand. However, you need a solid branding strategy to ensure you (and your business) is a social media success story. This strategy is vital to assure you more business, leads, and sales.

Social Media Branding Techniques That Work

A brand in this context is more than a logo or a cover photo. A brand is also how you connect with your customers via consistent interaction across multiple social media networks. Maintaining brand consistency across social networks while fulfilling marketing requirements is a challenge to any business. You have to offer a degree of uniqueness and vibe to make you stand out regardless of the social media channel. And this quality is not restricted to social media alone but to other marketing channels, like TV or billboard ads.

That said, consistency is a vital element of social media branding. Your identifier and branding style should have similar presentations in looks and feel, regardless of the social media platform- Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter. You expect your audience to experience your brand the same way, notwithstanding the social media platform.

The visualization of your brand should also stand out and be easily associated with you. Identify yourself and your business with a specific text font and color scheme that will over time make you stand out from the crowd, without the audience even looking at your brand logo. This result is the apogee in your social media branding effort.

You have to be social to find success in social media. Prompt and robust responses to audience feedback are good ways to build your brand. The more you engage them, the more committed and loyal they will be. At Joho Marketing, our social media branding services will give you the best results you desire. Contact us today for the best and optimized delivery for your business.