When you’re running Facebook ads it is very easy to run up costs very quickly. And oftentimes the high costs are unnecessary. So, here’s how to save possibly $1,000s on your ads.

In a Word: Demographics

When you’re advertising you need to make sure you know exactly who you want to target. Know your customer!

Facebook got into big trouble years ago when it was discovered they were collecting and using data from their users and users didn’t realize it. Today, all that is sorted out, so now you can highly target your ads to find your exact customers.

It’s Costly to Just Spray an Ad Everywhere

Make sure whoever you hire to manage your Facebook ads is NOT just spraying your ads everywhere.
Your advertising campaign needs to pick only the demographics that fit your potential customer.

For instance:

  • If you’re selling to locals, target your zip code.
  • If you’re a vineyard, target wine drinkers.
  • If you’re a sporting goods store target skiers in the winter.
  • If you’re selling children’s toys, target parents and grandparents.
  • If you’re selling bibles, target Christians.

You can go well beyond just gender, age, and location, though. There are all kinds of behaviors to target to narrow down your ad’s audience to your ideal customer.

Unless you’re selling something that all every person would want, you don’t need to spend all those extra $1000s. You can design a narrow target to hit just the perfect customer and get a high return at a low cost.

When you are ready to start advertising on Facebook to increase your customer base, let us know at Joho Marketing. We are happy to help you vastly increase your sales without breaking the bank!