A good business reputation is worth its bottom line and should be guarded at all costs.

A good reputation attracts the top of the cream in the job market, achieves lower employee turnover, and easily attracts customers. Your reputation is part of your competitive edge.

So, given its importance, it’s vital to safeguard the reputation of your business the same way you do your trade secrets. So how do you do it?

Remove Undesirable Links to Your Business

Taking the extra step to rank on page one of the search results is part of reputation building, and it takes hard work. However, unscrupulous rivals can sometimes seek to derail your gains through negative SEO and succeed in tanking your organic ranking.

While Google has become smarter in recent years, occasionally cleaning up your link profile goes a long way toward keeping your reputation spotless. Remove the bad backlinks – there are tools for that, such as Google disavow.

Remove Bad Reviews

A good review is like a pleasant fragrance to your business. It’s a feather to your firm’s cap, and you want more of them – good reviews legitimize your good reputation as a business.

However, some people may be up to no good and sometimes leave a bad review to hurt your business. If this happens, request Google to remove the reviews that violate Google’s content policies.

But keep in mind that Google will not interfere when disagreements about facts, experience, and third-party review websites are involved.

Contact the third-party reviewer and request the removal of the bad review, and if it’s a disagreement with a customer, reach out and resolve their issue. Make sure the resolution reflects under the bad review.

Ultimately, your business has to be the bigger person to try to satisfy the customer. But if all fails, don’t get into an online fight of words with the clients. You’ll be the loser.

Encourage Good Reviews

Ask your customers to leave a good word when they like the services or the goods, and they will be glad to. More good reviews mean a better reputation for your business that you can ride on. Get more of them.

Joho Marketing can help remove bad links and reviews that unfairly damage your reputation. Contact us for more information.