Here are some tips on how to improve local SEO in the Silicon Valley and Bay Area. Search engines are a huge factor in driving new customers to local businesses. Search Engine Optimization is critical for many reasons, but the bottom line is that the search engines will work for you. There are some tricks to it. SEO isn’t as easy as it used to be.

How to Improve Local SEO

The most important starting point when you’re learning how to improve local SEO is to find out the exact phrases your potential customers are putting into the search engines as search words. These phrases are called “keyword phrases.” In order to find these local keyword phrases, you will need to use a keyword tool. There are many out there, some are free and some cost the big bucks.

Once you know those keyword phrases that your potential customers are using to find a business like yours, you need to optimize your web pages using those keyword phrases. These phrases need to be used at a density rate of 1% or less, but it really depends on how many words are on the page. You should use that phrase in the title of the page, in a subheading, as the first words in the first paragraph and in the last paragraph, at the least. You might end up at about 3% if you have less than 300 words on the page. This isn’t ideal, but can’t be helped sometimes.

Have a Sitemap

Make sure you have a sitemap installed on your website. Don’t leave it to the search engines to scan your pages, tell them what’s there with a sitemap. There are plugins that can install a sitemap for you.

Increasing Sales

Search engine optimization is a huge topic, but these tips on how to improve local SEO should get you started in the right direction. Call Michael at Joho Marketing to get help on improving your SEO for the Silicon Valley.